About Kerrie


What we think we create, what we feel we attract, what we imagine we become

Hi I’m Kerrie and I am so pleased you dropped by!

I love reading tarot cards, creating unique sacred circle experiences, enchanting everyday life and expressing my inner witch through magical living.

My dream is for My Magic Circle to help you do this too. I hope this will become a place you want to hang out.

I am a sacred circle leader, intuitive card reader, ritual creator, writer, blogger, and teacher. As a nature-loving witch you will find me around an outdoor fire, probably by the creek bank in my yard, breathing in scents of earth, moss and mist.

I’m probably daydreaming about new ways to work and play with you.

I am doing this work because I believe when women come together, support each other and have fun …Magic truly does happen.

The word witch is confronting to some, but I Know it is a big part of my authentic self. In My Magic Circle I want to BE the person I really am, and I want that freedom for you too.

This is a safe space for you to be wild and free, without any judgment.

You can relax in this space.  No question is too silly.  I welcome you where ever you are on your spiritual journey … it is the perfect place for you. We accept each other just as we are.

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This will be a place of:

*On-line and in-person sacred circle experiences

* Magical Living based on the Wheel of the Year in the Southern Hemisphere.

*Card reading and divination exploring

*Rituals, Moon Magic, Herbal Concoctions

*On-line Events and gatherings, tea parties, and celebrations.

* Learning ancient magical arts and how to work with nature’s cycles.

Along the way we transform our lives, follow our deepest desires and support each other always. Together we celebrate our quirks and common traits.

Light a candle and some incense, take a deep breath...

What would it feel like to be part of My Magic Circle?

Let’s Create magical meaningful lives. Midnight Margaritas and Mugwort tea are encouraged.