What is a wild witchy woman?


“Forget not the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play in your hair.” Kahlil Gibran

I have a yearning to get back to my wild self because it makes me feel really good.

This has been an edge for me for the last 18 months. I took a job on the coast, literally, I could see the water and witness the tides coming in and going out. I love the ocean! I thought this would be my chance to enjoy it by going for a walk on the beach before the one hour commute home again.  Well, it was a good intention.

Walking before work didn’t feel that great. I worried about getting sweaty, my hair getting tangled from the salty wind and that’s not even the sand that I would find everywhere. So afternoon it is. Nope just couldn’t relax with that walk. Tick, tick, tick the longer I walked the more anxious I would feel about the building traffic. I tried to appreciate some beautiful sunsets as I commuted but I felt removed from it in the metal capsule of my car. So I know that this concept of rewilding and getting in touch with our earthy wild natural selves is a stretch for most women in day to day life. But it can be done and I think it is a really beautiful intention/goal to set for the coming new year.

In my magic circle, we will be working on breaking the mould, the shoulds, the drudgery of it all. Can we reopen our eyes to the beauty and wonder of the natural world? Witchy women are good at this. They understand how nature helps nature us. They know when to connect with plants and herbs, the phases of the moon, the power of crystals and when to cast your worries into the fire and let them burn. This doesn’t have to be a move to the country kind of reaction, although how awesome if you want to and can! There are opportunities everywhere: a puddle to jump in, a dog to pat, a sunset to watch or stars to ponder. Even in the most city environment, hopefully you can still see the sky. Can you put your feet in a tub of warm water and Epson salts, a drop or two of essential oils, or dried herbs from the kitchen, even a tea bag will do? Get comfy outside and look at the sky…nature’s Netflix.

My wish is that throughout the year you will develop your own favourite ways to feel free and wild.

I love this quote by Ralph Metzner:

“The word ‘wild’ is related to the word ‘will’; the wild creature is self-willed, autonomous, not domesticated, living by nature’s ways not the laws of human beings.”

The key to this is to just take the next step towards this. Unfortunately, we can’t all quit our jobs, stop cleaning the house and refuse to pay bills. What is possible is to recognize the power of your vision and just start moving towards it. There is so much I can teach you about this I could write a book.

I see a wild witchy woman as someone who becomes fluent in the: rhythms and knowledge of nature, in the language of dreams and creativity and takes time to feel passion, beauty and freedom.

 If you would like to join me exploring this and more just head to My Magic Circle.  

My fears about showing up to a sacred circle: Will I have to hug people and sing?


 “Let the beauty we love become what we do”


 If you haven’t been to a circle before, but you think it sounds intriguing and you want to know more, I can answer all your questions.

I have been in your shoes.

I am sure you are probably wanting to know what it will be like before you show up.

Fears I had included:

Do I have to do things I am not comfortable with, like get too touchy feely with strangers?

Do I have to talk in front of a large group of people?

Do I have to share my private thoughts?

Is it too silly or too serious?

Will I fit in if I’m not a hippy with hairy arm pits or if I am?

Will I get embarrassed about my hesitations?


I totally get it!


In my circles I hold space for you to be yourself, with full acceptance of our similarities and differences. You never have to do something you don’t feel comfortable in doing.  I encourage you to be true to yourself and honour your boundaries. All you need to have is an open heart.

I hope to provide a relaxing, fun, lighthearted place (online or in person) that you look forward to connecting with. I won’t shy away from the fact that transformation, change and life in general can be challenging and sometimes just icky but in my experience you will get the circle medicine you need for that moment.

I will always offer extra support with private mentoring if you need one on one time. Perhaps you desire takeaway activities for you to work on and deepen into at your own pace. And that is ok too. I appreciate people come to circle at all different life stages with different desires so it is not a one size fits all experience that I offer.  

My circles have a theme, chosen according to things like: the seasons, current astrology, the moon phases or special celebrations following the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  

What we do in circle will vary but can include: setting intentions for the next month, mediation, visualization, journaling, consulting the oracle or tarot cards, learning about astrology influence and how to work with them this cycle, connecting with each other with rituals and other magical work.

My goal in leading you in circle is to give you a many skills and as much knowledge as I can to help you grow and prosper into the woman you deeply desire to be. If you are happy just as you are that is fine too and you can enjoy the benefits of finding like minded women who come together and build a tribe where everyone is welcome and needed to create the world we dream of.