I want to live in a world where women::::

  • have found their people. The ones that light them up and make them feel understood.
  • feel loved, supported and safe.
  • can grow and share with one another.
  • can celebrate their own unique and diverse traits and backgrounds.
  • also embrace the masculine sides of themselves and the special males in their life, and those of all shades in between. (while I choose to work with women I respect and love the men in my life too).
  • can explore spirituality, witchyness, and magical living by learning about the Wheel of the Year, Cycles of Nature, the moon and ourselves, all the good stuff like: herbs, crystals, magical correspondences, shadow work, energy work, boundaries, ritual and more.
  • make space for inner peace and reflection
  • encourage each other and practice self care.
  • create the life they dream of, that comes from, the place of  deep desires in their hearts.
  • can feel Free, Wild and Magical.

My Magic Circle has been created
from my deepest desire to create something of value
in the world.
I want to form deep connections and live a meaningful life.

I offer this experience in the form of Sacred Circle events, Tarot and Oracle Readings, and the opportunity to work with me. I want this to be accessible, fun and sacred. There is also a free private facebook group for us to chat it up and get to know each other.

Looking back, it is like I have been preparing for this moment, for most of my life. This moment when I get to share this with YOU.

I have always had a strong connection to the parts of me that makes me want to do this. I sat in my first circle, when I was 16, which is nearly 30 years ago. I bought my first deck of tarot cards as soon as I was old enough to start earning my own money. My first part-time job involved lots of washing up and flipping burgers at a petrol station. A portion of my pay was always spent on my emerging passion of all the things that now make up My Magic Circle.

It was about 3 years ago that I abandon my solitary practice and started joining and then host my own circles. I have undertaken a wide variety of formal studies including a year long sacred circle training program and I am currently finishing my Priestess Certification. I Loved these learning curves and the many hours I have spent sitting in circle.  One thing I am really proud of is learning that this work is not all rituals and ceremony but also intentionally practicing magical living every day: the mundane and the sacred together.

In 2014 I graduated with a Communications degree and I have worked as a creative writer and journalist. I love writing and launching my  blog, a place to write about what I care about, feels amazing! Combining the practical and the magical ::: Boom!

I have craved a place like My Magic Circle most of my adult life and I am deeply grateful to have this freedom and space to express myself and serve in this sacred way. After many false starts, here we are. I had to ask for help to get the tech skills to create this site, a Huge! challenge for me, and the confidence  (always work in progress) to pull all my dreams and visions together and launch it and share it.

I hope it becomes a much loved sacred space for a vibrant community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and be here! I hope we can connect for fun, connection, understanding and transformation. I hope I can inspire, challenge and nurture you!

So let the Magic Begin,

Big Love and Magic
Kerrie xxx