Sacred Circles

Circles held on the New and Full Moon
Options for in-person + virutal


What is Sacred Circle?

Sacred Circle is a widespread spiritual practice and gathering (that is ancient and contemporary) that uses nature wisdom traditions. Circle is a way of creating sacred space for sharing, connecting and learning about yourself.

Circle can have many purposes, for example to:

  • celebrate the full moon and what we have created that month

  • set intentions or wishes at the New Moon (so we have something to celebrate at Full Moon).

  • explore themes like: Vibrant Gratitude, Forgiveness, releasing what no longer serves us, or working astrological influences

  • connect deeply with others

  • join in mediation, chanting, drumming or dancing

  • explore the ancient Goddesses, their stories and medicine

  • celebrate the turning of the wheel (The Celtic Wheel of the Year)

  • ask for support from the elements: earth, air, fire, water & spirit

  • work with divination or spirit guides

  • to express yourself and your thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams in a safe and supportive space.

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I hold Circles with women in our small rural valley & online  around the world. Both communities fill my heart with joy.


Kerrie is one of the genuinely ‘gentle’ people in my life. She is calm and thoughtful. Her circles are always well prepared and I always feel at ease and included in the whole experience. I look forward to the meeting of kindred souls, in a place of gratitude, that allows me to feel deeper inside myself and leave enlightened.
- Pauline Ashford

I have been blessed to have some great mentors in my life...women from: Asheville (North Carolina, USA), Cape Brenton (Nova Scotia) New York now Florida (USA), Portland (Oregon, USA) and the Unify Global Sisterhood which is worldwide, all in cyberspace.

The really remarkable thing is that we meet in circle, through a free online platform called Zoom. In my experience, most people are amazed at the connection and intimacy, that can be established in an online circle just like it would be in-person. In fact, it feels safe to be in your own home, in your comfort zone, yet meeting the most incredible women. The circle participants, my soul sisters, that I have shared sacred space with, have also been inspiring and enriching. Without the incredible sisterhood that develops through circle, My Magic Circle, would still be a dream.

I truly LOVE circle and I am excited to offer the same convenient internet connection opportunity for my circles. To attend an online circle all you have to do is purchase your ticket bellow and you will receive an email with all the instructions and at the time we go live -  just click the link. 

We will be able to see each other and talk to each other as we join in circle just like you would in-person. Also if you are not wanting to be on video, that is ok too, you can just turn your camera off but still see and hear everyone else. AND if you can't make it at that time you have access to watch the recording in your own time. Circle delivered direct to you lounge room. I know so cool!

I have made many deep and lasting friendships in online circles and I want you to know if you want more meaningful female sacred experiences ::: this option holds potent magic for you.

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Upcoming Circle Events



full Moon Circle: virtual 25/10/18

10-11 am AEST (Find your Time Zone
Theme::: Time to Celebrate

Where: Virtual, Live, Video Conference on Zoom

This circle will be a chance to join together in circle, to pause and celebrate, all we are grateful for this Full Moon. Let’s elevate the energies together and send a message to the universe that we are ready to receive and celebrate. Then we will look forward to the next moon phase, we will brainstorm, look to the oracle for inspiration and ponder what we can shed as the moon wanes, getting smaller and smaller each day. There will be a PDF to take with you to help you continue what we start together.

You will get the link to the virtual circle upon registering. If you can't make it at that time the circle will be recorded and emailed to you. Any questions: please send me a message, I am happy to help and wish you to feel supported.

Full Moon Virtual Circle 25/10/18
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New MOON CIRCLE: In-Person

Date to be Advised (in My Magic Circle Cauldron Facebook group-link to join at bottom of the page) : 6-8 pm
Theme:: Magic

Let's experience the enchantment that is all around us. Through sacred cacao we will connect to our hearts to explore the realms outside the ordinary. Under the stars we will behold the mystery that surrounds us and allow the magic to flow freely yet entwining us in sisterhood. Let the circle hold your dreams, intentions, and worries.

This in person circle will be held outside around a fire, in Conondale, Sunshine Coast  and directions will be sent by email upon registration.

Full Moon Circle - In Person
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