What to expect when working with me:

I am committed to showing up for you, with an open heart and mind, with the intention of creating the best experience I can for you. I will encourage you to explore, have fun, come home to yourself and feel the true magic of sisterhood.

I believe::::

that circles are Magical & Powerful

that miracles happen in circle and when we come together in sacred space

sisterhood is nourishing and essential

we can heal our sister wounds, hurt feelings and tender places

through love and compassion for each other anything is possible

when we come together with open hearts and minds we activate healing for ourselves and the world

we can change and impact the larger collective consciousness

this ripple is needed now

circle, sacred space and sisterhood support my dreams for a peaceful world

the earth needs the divine feminine for shifts and change to happen

as we share what we can offer, we become stronger

and I believe in ... You.

And so it is.

My approach to my sacred work:

When we work together, we do it together ... we do it in our unique way. I want to see you. The real you. I want to know what you really want to feel/do/experience in your life. Everyone is different and that makes my work so rewarding and interesting. I do not have a cookie cutter method that someone has taught me. I use all my skills and intuition to provide what you need, in this moment. I offer Magic mixed with Strategy to give a holistic approach to life. The dreams are as important as the actions. I like to think of a tree, deeply rooted in the practical, supportive earth but with branches reaching for the heavens where dreams dance in the wind.


What others say about working with me:

Working with Kerrie is simply a lovely experience. I had the pleasure of working with Kerrie during an online Despacho Ceremony workshop she presented. The feedback was amazing. Students felt that Kerrie showed up for them in a big way. Even though the workshop was online, everyone felt they had a deeply personal experience. I think that is the key to Kerrie’s work. She makes your time together an experience,rich and full of beauty and meaning.
- Jane Dutra-Salemi
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Options for working with me:


Custom Ritual Creation    

Let me create a custom ritual for you personally. 

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Custom Ceremony Creation

Reaching a special milestone, let me create a ceremony for your occasion.  

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1:1 Magical Mentoring

Want to discuss your ideas about working with me? Book a free discovery call with me below.

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Would you like to Book a Discovery Call with me to see how we can work together ?

I welcome any questions you have about how I can help you create a meaningful life, full of sisterhood, support and encouragement. Write your questions down and have them handy when we meet.

Also before our call please consider these questions I might ask you:

Why would you like to work with me?

What are you struggling with?

What is your vision for the next few months?

What would you like more of in your life?

Do you have a spiritual practice and if so what is it?